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Professional Leak Detection from Rainbow Restoration

A water leak can cause a lot of damage even before it has been  noticed, finding the source and fixing the issue is massively important.

At Rainbow Restoration, we provide a water leak detection service to help you do just that. Our comprehensive leak detection service is available to Insurers, Loss Adjusters, Builders, Plumbers, Maintenance Managers, Facilities Management companies and homeowners to trace the location of water leaks.

Such water leaks may be visible in a variety of positions within a property, but originate from another area that is often hidden within the buildings structure. Our professional leak detection team can help you find the source and fix the leak.

Allow us to introduce our specialised Water Leak Trace & Access service, meticulously designed to pinpoint the elusive sources of water infiltration and provide effective solutions for your peace of mind.

Water leaks can be elusive and insidious, causing damage that often remains unseen until it’s too late. At Rainbow Restoration, we understand the urgency of locating and addressing these leaks promptly to prevent further harm to your property. Our Water Leak Trace & Access service combines cutting-edge technology with expert knowledge, allowing us to trace the path of leaks and access hard-to-reach areas without unnecessary disruption.

With a team of skilled professionals at your side, we utilise advanced techniques such as thermal imaging, moisture detection, and other specialised tools to identify the source of the leak accurately. This enables us to provide targeted solutions that not only address the immediate issue but also prevent future occurrences.

Join us as we delve into the world of water leak detection and access, exploring the benefits of our service and how it contributes to safeguarding your property’s integrity. When water poses a threat, remember that Rainbow Restoration is here to uncover the unseen and keep your property secure.

At Rainbow Restoration Hampshire, Sussex & Isle of Wight, our commitment to delivering cleaning works safely stands as an unwavering pillar of our service.

With every project we undertake, the safety of our clients, team members, and the environment takes precedence. We adhere to stringent industry regulations, utilising the latest safety protocols and equipment to ensure that each cleaning task is executed without compromise.

Our team is extensively trained in risk assessment, hazard identification, and proper handling of cleaning agents to mitigate any potential risks. Whether it’s asbestos removal, high-level access cleaning, or any of our specialised services, we approach each endeavour with meticulous attention to safety. Our dedication to creating a secure work environment extends to our clients as well, allowing them to trust in the reliability and integrity of our services. When you choose Rainbow Restoration, you’re choosing not only cleanliness and excellence but also peace of mind in knowing that safety is at the forefront of everything we do.

Rainbow Restoration is one of the leading providers of Specialist Cleaning and Damage Remediation services in the UK taking pride in delivering an excellent cost-effective service to our clients. Our dedicated staff are committed to offering 100% satisfaction rates and strive to maintain our 5-star reputation.


Restoring Surfaces to Original Condition

Following the detection of the source of such leaks, a full remediation programme is also provided to restore both domestic and commercial properties back to their original condition, with minimal disruption to the work or living environment.

Rainbow Restoration has over 60 branches covering the entire UK, get in touch with us to arrange water leak trace & access as well as cleaning, building management and fire flood repair.

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Water Leak Detection at a glance

Rainbow utilises three different processes for identifying the source of a leak, which often occurs in pipe work concealed within the building structure.

Rainbow’s systems and processes cover every eventuality and can provide evidence of the source of the leak in homes, and consequently recommend and implement the correct remedial action required.

Find out more about how to find a water leak in your house, here.

Thermal imaging

A variety of specialist equipment is required for locating water leaks from pipes hidden in structural materials. Perhaps the most commonly used is a thermal imaging camera which works by looking for differentials in surface temperatures, and will show leaking water at a different temperature to the other mass of building material (e.g.. a wall or floor slab).

The initial survey would be undertaken using a Thermal Imaging Camera. These cameras are able to identify very small differences in temperature on the surface of different materials. This allows us to identify pipe runs that are buried in sub-floors and other areas hidden within the building structure. One of the main advantages of these cameras is that they are non-invasive and the survey can be undertaken causing minimum disruption very quickly, often avoiding major excavation work.

Acoustic testing

Thermal imaging is not always appropriate for the conditions within the building structure. On occasions pipes can be very well insulated or buried deep in structural materials so that a change in temperature can not be identified at the surface. If this process is unsuccessful we switch to using specialist acoustic listening devices. When a pressurised water pipe is damaged the water leaks out into the surrounding ground which causes the pipe and surrounding material to vibrate at the exit point. By using sophisticated ground microphones we can trace and pinpoint the location of the leak.

Leak detection using tracer gas

This is a slightly more involved process. Water is drained from the suspected system and a tracer gas is introduced under pressure to the system. The gas is made up of 95% nitrogen and 5% hydrogen. Hydrogen being the smallest and lightest molecule will escape from the pipe at the point of the leak and make its way to the surface where it can be detected by a sensitive gas detector. The advantages of this particular mixture of gas are that it is non flammable, non toxic, non corrosive and does not damage the environment in any way.

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